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Helping companies and individuals doing business in Florida navigate the law with confidence. 

Caruso Law PLLC is a Florida business law firm providing legal advice and support to entrepreneurs, startups, companies, and professionals on matters involving commercial transactions, governance, and legal operations, with a focus on commercial contracts, employment agreements and workplace documents, healthcare agreements and HIPAA compliance.


The firm also offers outside general counsel services to companies with a need for dedicated and accessible legal support on an on-going or as-needed basis.


Caruso Law is run by Venus Caruso, a multi-skilled attorney with over 19 years of experience in representing diverse clients in different industries on a wide range of legal matters. With a background as a complex commercial trial lawyer and in-house attorney, Venus understands the practicalities and challenges of doing business, and appreciates the importance of pragmatic legal solutions. Her approach is centered around building strong client relationships. She takes the time to know and understand her clients, their business objectives, and the industry in which they operate. This enables her to create customized legal solutions that are designed to protect her clients' legal interests, minimize their risks, and achieve their goals. 

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