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Accessibility Statement

Website accessibility for persons having disabilities vary and what may be accessible by one person with a disability may not be accessible for another person with a disability. The firm has made efforts to accommodate as many of its website visitors, clients, and prospective clients as is reasonable given the size of the firm, its resources, and accessibility needs of its clients, prospective clients, and visitors. In addition to testing the website's accessibility on a periodic basis over time as part of our ongoing effort to make the content accessible, the firm uses third-party technology to scan for accessibility issues and provides an accessibility widget on its website, for both desktop and mobile users, to help make the content accessible for people with disabilities.  


Should you experience difficulties accessing any of the content on this website because of a disability or have accessibility concerns related to your disability, please do let us know by sending us an email at


Alternatively, you can contact Venus Caruso directly to inform her of your accessibility issue due to your disability at (561) 437-2972 during the firm's normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Please be sure to specify the Web page(s) you are experiencing issues with due to your disability and provide as much detail as possible to help us identify the issue, investigate it, and make reasonable efforts to improve the specified Web page(s) to make them accessible to you. 

Accessibility Resources offers a screen reader you can download for free. 

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