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Employment Law

Caruso Law provides legal advice and consultation on transactional employment law matters with a focus on employment agreements, policies, handbooks, codes, and other workplace documents.


Having served as an in-house lawyer for several years, attorney Venus Caruso has the know-how to help startups, established businesses, and professionals with their employment-based legal needs. Venus has gained deep insight into the impact and value that well-written employment documents can have to providing clarity, transparency, structure, organization, and fostering efficiency and compliant operations under applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

The types of employment law agreements Venus can help draft, evaluate, modify, guide, and negotiate include:

  • New Hire Employment Agreements

  • Employee Confidentiality Agreements

  • Employee Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements

  • Employment Termination and Separation Agreements

In addition to employment agreements, Venus can assist with drafting, assessing, revising, and providing legal counsel on: 

  • Employee Policies and Procedures

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Employee Codes of Conduct

  • Employee Notices

  • Employee Acknowledgments

  • Employee Forms

Whether you’re a startup, established business, professional or other worker, if you need legal advice, guidance or other help with an employment agreement, company policies or other workplace documents, contact Venus today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and explore how she can help you. 

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