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Marketing Agreements

Marketing is important for any business aimed to establish, grow, and maintain brand awareness. It is common business practice for a company to employ individuals or contract third parties to market the goods or services they offer for sale.

At Caruso Law, attorney Venus Caruso strategically prepares marketing agreements tailored to the relationship of the parties, their circumstances and consistent with her client’s objectives.  

In addition to drafting marketing agreements, Venus reviews existing agreements to identify any potential gaps or problematic terms, answer questions you may have regarding specific language, and recommends revisions to further achieve your goals.


Venus also represents clients in circumstances where negotiation becomes necessary to reach a mutual agreement to help finalize the contract and close the deal. Some examples of the types of marketing agreements Venus can help you with include:

  • Affiliate Program Management Agreements

  • Brand Ambassador Agreements

  • Marketing Consulting Agreements

  • Digital Marketing Agreements

  • Influencer Marketing Agreements 

  • Social Media Marketing Agreements

  • E-mail Marketing Agreements

If you need legal advice, guidance or other help with a marketing agreement, contact Venus today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your needs and explore how she can help you. 

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